How To Whiten Your Face With Milk In Just 15 minutes, Wonderful!

Today we are going to show you how you can do a wonderful treatment to take care of the skin of your face and whiten it with milk. Best of all, this treatment is based on pure natural ingredients, which you can easily get. So come on, I invite you to pay close attention until the end, do not miss every detail so that you do it correctly.

Learn how you can whiten your face with milk

As we know, the skin is the organ that covers our entire body and is, as is logical, the one that is most exposed to environmental factors; receives the inclemencies and our failures of care, and hence that at the time of taking care of it we have to be really constant.
Today we bring you a mask based on milk, which will help us to whiten the skin of the face.


-Two tablespoons of liquid milk (skim or whole),
-1 tablespoon of flour (corn or wheat),
-The juice of half a lemon


What we have to do is, in a container, mix each and every one of the ingredients until we get a kind of light and white paste, that is, a convenient consistency to apply as a mask.

Way of Use:

Remember that when applying lemon on your face you must take into account not to expose yourself to the sun, since you could stain your face, so it is advisable to make this mask thirty minutes before going to sleep. You only have to wash the face, or the damaged area, really well and apply it in a circular way and let it act for a lapse of fifteen minutes, or until it is absolutely dry.

If you go to apply the mask with your hands, remember to wash them really well before doing it, since as you know, the skin is highly sensitive. You can also attend a brush or make-up brush. If you apply it on the face, you should avoid the eye area since containing lemon can cause irritation. When dry you can remove it either with a damp cloth or wash your face with overflowing clean water.

This mask can be done once a week until you get the results you want. If you found this information about this milk-whitewashing remedy interesting, share it with your friends and family on your social networks. Leave your questions and suggestions in the comments.


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