Warning Women: Never Ignore These 7 Signs Of Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is the type that is caused by HPV and it is severely contagious. It is transmitted through sexual intercourse and it has a number of different forms. It is also very deadly, but the HPV when strong enough is able to leave the body however it can manifest into further growth of the cells.

What are the signs of cervical cancer?

1. Unusual discharge

Once the cancer is growing in your cervix the uterine lining starts secreting a very liquidy discharge.

2. Bleeding or pain

Pain and bleeding are signs of this type of cancer because the walls of the cervix dry out and crack as the cells are constantly growing. This usually happens in the latter stages of cancer and a doctor should definitely be consulted.

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3. Anemia

This is the result of excessive bleeding as we have mentioned before and if you notice sudden extreme tiredness even though you are not very active, check for anemia at once.

4. Urinary problems

If you have trouble with urinating it can be a result of the cervical walls swelling and pressing the kidneys and the bladder. This can lead to even a urinary tract infection.

5. Pain in the back, hips and legs all the time

The swollen cervix will affect your internal organs, therefore, it can result in pain in the pelvis and legs as well as the ankles thanks to the pressure put on the blood vessels.

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6. Warts

The gynecologist Rosa Maria Leme says “The appearance of small warts (external or internal) serves as a red flag for some diseases such as HPV, which greatly increases the chances of cervical cancer in women.”

7. Weight loss

The swollen cervix is also able to pressure your stomach, therefore, you lose appetite and weight rapidly.

What causes cervical cancer?

Having unprotected sex
Smoking or inhaling second-hand smoke
Having multiple sexual partners
Having low immunity

Go to the doctor’s even if you notice the slightest symptom because if it is prevented on time it may save your life and reproductive health!

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