5 Simple Foods That You Should Include in Your Breakfast If You Suffer From Arthritis

The food fight arthritis is essential if we want to address and mitigate the symptoms of this terrible disease. Remember to consume them during breakfast, on an empty stomach, to make the most of their benefits and properties. Combine them with fruits and seeds that potentiate their effects. Super nutritious and delicious breakfasts are those that give you better health.

It is not a disease of older adults

Arthritis, itself, is an inflammation of the joints. It can occur chronically, infectiously, metabolically, etc. This inflammation is related to more than 100 different diseases. That is to say, arthritis that we think we know is not the only one that exists. While the best known is one that affects the fingers (osteoarthritis), others can condition the muscles, bones and other joints along with the surrounding tissues.

This is why arthritis not only affects older adults. Many children manifest rheumatoid arthritis at an early age, for example. Pain and stiffness are usually the most common symptoms and we should be very attentive to them. Other cases show an evident inflammation that makes movement impossible. If you have any doubt, it is important to contact a specialist.

5 foods to fight arthritis

There is not a cure for this disease. Diet and the consumption of anti-inflammatories is usually the only option for relief from so much pain and discomfort. Even some people supplement their meals with dietary supplements that contain magnesium, collagen and other essential nutrients.

To take full advantage of the benefits of nature, we tell you some foods to fight arthritis, mitigate the symptoms and even prevent it (in case the person is at risk of suffering from it).

If you consume these foods to fight arthritis on a daily basis, in a short time you will get:

-Favor the production of collagen,
-which will strengthen the cartilages
-Promote the immune system
-Lubricate the joints
-Deflate the affected areas

1. Whole grains

What do we mean when we talk about whole grains? Whole grains are the seeds of different foods (grains) that have not undergone any type of processing. When not being processed, these seeds conserve the three parts that compose them:

-bran: an outer layer that protects it from the sun, water and other factors that make the plant sick. It contains B vitamins, iron, copper, magnesium, zinc and fiber.

-endosperm: in the middle part of the grain. Rich in starch so it has carbohydrates and proteins.

-germ: in the center of the grain. It provides antioxidants, minerals, monounsaturated fats, proteins and many vitamins.

That is to say that the refined flours that we consume daily do not have any of these characteristics. In fact, white flours have a practically zero nutritional contribution.

Whole grains are excellent foods against arthritis. Within this group we find:

-amaranth: it is usually one of the most consumed because its flavor is similar to that of nuts.
-oatmeal: making a warm oatmeal for breakfast, along with many fruits and honey, is to start the day with energy.
-buckwheat: ideal if you like to have breakfast with crepes.

2. Pistachios

They are as healthy as they are delicious. You can consume up to two handfuls a day to protect your bones and joints. They provide a lot of healthy oils that take care of your heart, but also:

-They are rich in proteins that help you strengthen muscles and tendons.
-They have calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin E, linolenic acid and lots of fiber.
In addition to having an immune system in optimal conditions, you can avoid inflammation and all the symptoms that it entails.

3. Red fruits

The red fruits are one of the best antioxidants that exist. Within this category, we find strawberries, raspberries, cherries, blueberries, cherries, blackberries and red grapes. The main antioxidant is a form of vitamin C called ascorbic acid and it is excellent for preventing inflammation. In addition, it has other compounds such as anthocyanins and carotenoids that, in joint action, can relieve symptoms. These foods to fight arthritis cannot be missing in your refrigerator and you can even buy them frozen, throughout the year.

4. Natural carrot juice

In the last time, there has been a lot of talk about juice or carrot juice. Its anti-cancer effects have given a talk in the scientific world so it is still being investigated. As if this were not enough, it is also a superfood rich in antioxidants and multiple vitamins that strengthen the whole organism.

Its preparation is very simple. Acquire two large, firm and well-ripened carrots. Remove their skin and crush them in the blender. Let stand for 5 minutes and filter the liquid to remove the pulp. Add the juice of a freshly squeezed orange and sweeten it with a generous spoonful of organic honey.

5. Inflatable morning coffee

Although for many conditions and diseases it is advisable to leave coffee, in this case, it will not be like that. You are probably one of the people who can not find a substitute that can help you face the whole day. The good news is that you will not need to leave it as long as you consume it in moderation.

A cup of good quality coffee during the first hours of the day helps to improve the symptoms of arthritis. By possessing antioxidant polyphenols, this drink protects cells from damage caused by inflammation. In addition, we managed to strengthen heart health that never hurts.

So that you can enjoy these benefits, you will not only need a good quality coffee. You will also need to pay attention to what you add to it. Cow’s milk and refined white sugar are highly detrimental and are not foods to fight arthritis. Quite the opposite. Try sweetening with honey or stevia. To cut it you can consume coconut milk or almonds that are usually the most consumed. Even, find out if the beans have been roasted or toasted with sugar for processing.

Remember: Beyond what you consume for breakfast, it will be necessary to take care of all the foods of the day. Avoid junk foods that promote inflammation and others not as healthy as cow’s milk, sugars, unhealthy fats, etc.

Source: arthritis.org

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