10 Healthy Foods You Should Eat After Going To The Gym

When we go to the gym or exercise, many women make the mistake of worrying about eating healthy foods  before training and not after it ends.

But you knew that there are studies that have revealed that the food after training is super important …

And is that after demanding your body a great effort, you must satisfy your nutritional needs for a good recovery …

If you do not, your resistance and physical condition will be affected …

I tell you when you exercise, your brain starts working, producing thousands of chemical reactions.

You start to burn fat and build muscle, so that all this process is fulfilled, you have to eat after you finish your training.

After exercising your body has to repair the muscle tissues and recover the strength to be ready and prepared for your next challenge.

Nutritionists recommend eating within the next 60 minutes after the end of the exercise … so you should make sure to incorporate proteins and carbohydrates in your diet plan.

A common question is : What can I eat after training ?, Some for fear of weight gain make the mistake of not eating after exercise and others who believe that because they exercised can eat everything they want.

Pay attention because today I bring you a list of 10 foods that you can consume after your training and that will not make you gain weight …

Greek yogurt
This spectacular food, contains twice the protein compared to regular yogurt, which benefits the recovery of muscle tissue.
It is easily digested for the body so you assimilate its nutrients quickly.
You can eat it with a little cinnamon or honey, you can also mix it with fruits.

Also known as berries , these fruits are full of micronutrients, which help fight muscle pain.
In addition, they contain enzymes to help your body break down nutrients much faster, so they can be taken advantage of by your tired muscles.
The level of calories in one serving is very low so it does not represent a risk to your weight if you do not eat at the wrong time.

This delicious fruit, contains bromelain, a natural anti-inflammatory that has been proven to heal bruises, sprains and swelling.
It is rich in vitamin C, a key component for tissue repair.
Although it is low in calories, I recommend you do not consume it at dinner, because it is also high in sugar.
The pineapple contains a high water level so it helps to satisfy your hunger and acts as a diuretic.

It helps with digestion and with the decomposition of the amino acids that are the ones that provide energy to muscle tissue.
The kiwi contains natural properties that help to satisfy hunger.
It is composed of 80% water, helps to hydrate our body, which is perfect after a training session.

Also known as cranberry, this small fruit can accelerate muscle recovery that occurs after exercise.
A study from the University of Texas, determined that cranberry slows the development of body fat, which contributes to muscle building.

This fish is an excellent source of protein.
It has minerals such as selenium, magnesium and important amounts of calcium that help strengthen the bone system for better performance when exercising.
Its high levels of fatty acids such as Omega-3, have anti-inflammatory capabilities that also repair the muscular fissures that occur when we exercise.

Eggs are a source of complete protein.
It contains the nine essential amino acids that benefit the fastest recovery and in turn reduces muscle damage in the body.
A single egg provides approximately six grams of protein, which contributes to the formation of muscle tissue.
It is fast absorbing what makes it ideal for the night.

Sweet potato
To feed the body after intense training, the body needs energy, to provide it you must consume apart from carbohydrate proteins of good quality.
The sweet potato or sweet potato is a complex carbohydrate and is also a source of vitamin A, both components benefit the recovery of the body after exercise.
Because of its high fiber content it makes you feel full and satisfied, preventing you from eating what you should not.
The sweet potato is best consumed at lunch so it is best to avoid it at dinner.

Monounsaturated fat promotes the absorption of B vitamins, which benefits muscle recovery.
Your healthy fats are essential for the body to metabolize carbohydrates and proteins.

Protein powder (IM Protein)
My protein powder, IM Whey Protein, contains 20 grams of protein per serving.
When choosing a protein shake that removes cravings, this has to be a mixture of protein concentrate with an isolated protein like my IM Whey Protein.
That way, it will be for long hours in your body, and at the same time it will give you energy quickly. That can only be done by IM Whey Protein that mixes both.
It is perfect to consume after training because it will provide your body with all the nutrients it needs to recover.

Source: mensfitness.com

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