Putting your underwear on before your most private area is completely dry is virtually pleading for a yeast infection. The medical director at Miami’s FemCare Ob-Gyn, Jason James, M.D. says that yeast prosper in a damp environment and therefore there are more yeast infections present during the hot summer, when women usually do not completely dry off after they get out of pool or sea, or have accumulation of sweat in the intimate area.

According to Dr. James, any time when there is a presence of moisture, a potential breeding ground for yeas is created. Every woman has bacteria and yeast present in the vagina all the time, but the destroyed balance between them is the one that creates an infection. The moisture, warmth, and friction lead to potential changes in pH and irritation as well which increase the tendency to yeast overgrow and clinical infection.

So, let’s get back to the scenario where a woman has only 0.2 seconds to make herself ready for the upcoming day. Dr. James is offering some solutions that can help women keep away from getting dressed while they are still damp. Women can do their hair or put their makeup on while they are still naked, then put their bra and blouse on before their panties, or they can even stay without underwear for a while if they are wearing a dress so they can give themselves a little more time to dry off. Dr. Jason James also recommends wearing only cotton underwear, since it easily breathes and helps in evaporating the moisture.

Dr. Jason James says that it doesn’t matter the method that you are using to dry off. You can use a towel or blow-drying, they would both work fine. However, take a few additional seconds to get dry, which can help you to prevent yeast infection successfully especially if you have a tendency to develop them.


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