Cover Your Feet With Aluminium Foil And What You Will See 1 Hour Later Will Leave You Impressed

Accidents can occur, it is normal for a person to suffer a cut or burn on a regular basis, it is part of having a home and carrying out activities with instruments that cause such problems, but the key is to have a solution for it.

What we are referring to is that accidents can happen so we must not despair in this sense, the important thing is to have an instrument that can solve different problems at the same time, such as natural remedies, or aluminum foil.

That’s right, aluminum foil has different advantages that you probably did not know, so today we are going to show you everything you can do with aluminum foil, we guarantee that they are very effective so you should try them as soon as possible.


It turns out that aluminum foil is not only useful to store your children’s food, in fact, it has some surprising uses for health that we will see below:

For colds

You must wrap in your feet with 6 sheets of aluminum foil, leaving it to act for 1 hour and then remove it.

After two hours of this process, we will repeat it a few more times a day, you will see how it improves greatly.

What happens is that this role has anti-inflammatory properties and the feet is the root of cold symptoms.

For fatigue

You must cut a few strips of aluminum foil, which you will place in the freezer for 2 hours until they have cooled very well, then take them out and place them on the cheeks and eyelids, you will see an impressive improvement.

For skin burns

We are going to throw enough water on the burn, then clean it and dry it with a towel.

Now we are going to put a little ointment on it and cover it with gauze.

To finish, we will wrap the area with aluminum foil using an adhesive tape.

For joint pain: aluminium foil

We will wrap the pain area with aluminum foil, avoiding moving too much.

Let the paper work all night, this we will do for 10 days in a row, we rest 2 weeks and repeat.

As you can see, aluminum foil is actually quite useful.

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