9 Reasons Everyone Should Try Cupping Therapy

The cupping therapy has gained a lot of attention in recent years after popular athletes were seen with circle-shaped bruises on their backs and shoulders. This is an ancient form of Chinese alternative medicine that originated millennia ago. It works by bringing blood to areas it doesn’t reach by applying a heated cup that generates vacuum and improves the blood flow.

When we exercise, we tense our muscles and connective tissues, which become twisted and stiffen. The cupping therapy can relieve the stiffness in your muscles, rejuvenate your body, improve your blood flow and reduce muscle pain. It is easy to perform – you just heat up a glass cup, put it on the skin and then pull it away from the body. This stimulates proper blood flow and relaxes the muscles, effectively rejuvenating your connective tissues.

Here are the 9 top reasons why you should try the cupping therapy:

  1. Great for relieving pain

According to numerous studies, cupping therapy can deal with any kind of pain. By applying pressure on certain points on the body, it improves the blood flow and helps it carry oxygen and nutrients everywhere in the body. The pressure, heat and suction also allows practitioners to tap into the energy meridians of the body and let energy flow through the injured tissues.

  1. Great for colds, coughs and allergies

This therapy is also effective against colds and coughs. It can easily dispose of phlegm and accelerate the healing process. Scientists also say that the cupping therapy can cure pulmonary tuberculosis, and that it was the primary course of treatment before medications were invented.

  1. Relaxes your body

The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine says that the warm cup can relieve the stress in tense muscles similar to a deep tissue massage.

  1. Detoxifies the body

In cases of impaired blood flow, toxins can build up into the body and cause serious health problems. As the therapy improves the blood flow, areas in the body are rid of stagnated blood flow and toxins, which results in a dose of healthy nutrients to the tissues.

  1. Accelerates the healing process

Everyone knows that inflammation is highly dangerous, but a little inflammation can actually help you recover faster. The cupping therapy can speed up the healing process through inducing inflammation in the body and drawing blood to the affected area, which results in the creation of new blood vessels.

  1. Treats skin diseases and conditions

Cupping therapy can help you defeat eczema, acne, herpes breakouts, skin inflammation and cellulite. According to a recent research, cupping works better than tetracycline against acne.

  1. Relieves digestive disorders

The cupping therapy can relieve Irritable Bowel Syndrome as it improves a person’s stress response, which is related to proper stomach function. The therapy has been used against diarrhea, stomach pain, gastritis, loss of appetite and water retention for centuries.

  1. Provides an anti-aging effect

Cupping can also help you reduce wrinkles thanks to its anti-aging properties. It can slow down the aging process through improving circulation. As we age, the body’s circulatory system slows down, which leads to loss of muscle and wrinkles. By improving the blood flow, cupping therapy will slow down this process and stimulate collagen production.

  1. Treats carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a difficult and progressive condition that disables a key nerve in your hands and causes numbness and loss of hand function. According to a study conducted in Germany, the therapy can provide relief with only a single session

Source : themagicofhealthylife.com

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