Wave of Homeschooling Sweeps California Because of Vaccine Laws

According to a new law on vaccines, parents should home school their children more than ever.
The Governor of California called Jerry Brown signed the controversial Senate Bill 277. It has been like that since it was proposed.

The law is new and parents will be stopped to opt-out their children for mandatory vaccines on any personal grounds.

The vaccines were worrying about numerous parents, especially that children receive many of the vaccines at a very young age.

They are also very worried whether the vaccines are safe or not because many children have unwanted had adverse reactions that include paralysis or even worse -death.

In numerous states, vaccines are mandatory to a certain age. Until now, parents could opt if they believed that their child shouldn’t receive the following vaccine. This is a new law that will remove the freedom.

Still, under this new law, children who are home schooled don’t belong under this law. That’s why many parents leave their children at home and school them at home, so that they can avoid the mandatory vaccines.
They put their education at risk because they consider their vaccines a greater risk.

According to Dr. Robert Sears, a pediatrician from Capistrano Beach spoke to The Orange County Register this can be a great problem that will develop more and more. As to one of the parents, people will only start to move away from California because of this law.

Source: itrustnaturalcures.com

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