This healing ointment can be used to treat bronchitis, angina, swelling, burns, bruises, open wounds, and different women’s disease, hemorrhoids, and even gangrene.

Preparation and use:

It is very easy to prepare, but it is very effective and it is able to cure many diseases. Depending on the disease, as far as we talk about external use, you should use the grease as a coat, and put them like coatings or massage the in. It can be used for internal use – half a teaspoon three times a day before meals. All you need is an egg, 400 ml of vegetable oil and a piece of beeswax (about 60 grams).

Boil an egg and take the yolk, you won’t need the egg white. Mash the yolks and place the oil in a pan.

Add the wax, and cook it on low heat and wait until the wax melts. Once you hear “crackling”, take the yolk and small amount at a time. The oil will start bubbling and you should be ready to remove it quickly.

When the oil settles, put it back on the stove. Continue to add the yolk until the end, stirring constantly with a spoon.

The mixture will change color and become dark brown. Remove from heat and let sit for 15-20 minutes. Strain through cheesecloth or a fine strainer to sieve. Throw away the residues of the yolk.

When the grease cools, put it in a glass jar and close the lid. Store it in the refrigerator no longer than 10 months. If you decide to use fat as a compress, it is necessary to heat the water vapor (approximately 40 degrees).


Melt the fat and immediately add it in a pipette. If you do not want the fat to be hardening you should do this quickly. Daily add one drop of the fat in the nose daily with an interval of one hour. Doctors say that in this way you can get past month and sinusitis – sinus fat penetrates and draws everything with great intensity.

-Purulent otitis

Fold one piece of cotton dip into this fat and place it in the ear. Changed it constantly and also grease the fat behind the ears as well.


Put the fat in the throat and the door linings. If you do this at night, repeat the procedure 2-3 times in the morning if the abscess will burst.

Pain in the stomach, bronchitis, body ulcers, intestines

You should tale ½ teaspoon of fat before eating.

Women diseases fibromyoma up to 10 weeks, ovarian cysts, inflammation, mastitis


Soak the tampon with grease and put in the vagina in the morning and evening. There are claims that after ten days the cysts will remain memories. For fibromyoma it will take longer. For mastitis, you should place a paper napkin on the breast and dipped it in grease, and cover it with nylon bags. You should change them on every 2 hours.
Ulcers, burns, toothache, ulcers, swelling, wounds, toothache

Apply to the affected area overnight and wrap it. If wounds are not large it will be enough to place a piece of cotton soaked in grease. When you have a toothache, take the fat with clean fingers and it should be applied on the tooth and pain will disappear.


Put paper towels soaked with grease and change on every 2 hours.

-Treating hemorrhoids

Create a buffer made of gauze and put in the anus overnight, 8 to 10 days or until there is improvement. Any application that involves lubrication should be practiced before bedtime and it should be left overnight. When it comes to joints, after lubrication you should wrap the area. Using the fats can even strengthen your nails – it just before bedtime that you should lubricate the grease and rub them in.

Note: The wax must be natural, beeswax. For outdoor use can be used any vegetable oil. For inside the best oil is olive oil.


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