Keys vary between different computer keyboards, so here is a short comparative list to help you:

  • Return = Enter
  • Option = Alt
  • Control = Ctrl
  • Command (four-leaf clover) = Windows
  • Delete = Backspace

Designated functions like adjusting the speaker volume or screen brightness are pre-existing keyboard shortcuts.

When you need a specific ‘F’ key to perform its real function, you should press down the function key designated by Fn, and some of the following:

F1 opens the Help screen for all programs.

F2 will help you rename any file or folder in the computer.

F3 will provide a search feature on all open applications at that time.

Alt/Option + F4 will help you close windows.

F5 refreshes or reloads the page.

F6 will help you move the cursor to the address bar.

F7 will spell- and grammar-check a document in Microsoft applications like Word.

F8 will allow access to the boot menu in Windows when you turn on the computer or show thumbnail images of all workspaces on a Mac.

F9  sends and receives emails in Microsoft Outlook, refreshes Microsoft Word documents or displays thumbnail images of all windows in a single workspace.

F10 opens the menu bar of applications, and displays all currently open windows and programs.

F11 enters and exits full-screen mode in Internet browsers, and in the case of a Mac, it displays the Desktop.

F12 displays a dashboard in a Mac and opens the ‘Save As’ dialog box in Microsoft Word.

Multi-Button Keyboard Shortcuts

Shift- Command-T opens the most recently closed tab.

Control-Shift-Escape/Command-Option-Escape will pull up the Task Manager.

Windows + F will open “Find Files and Folders”.

The Windows button + D will show the desktop.

The Print Screen button – PrtScr – allows you to take a snapshot of the screen.

If you have a Mac, press Shift-Command-3 to capture the entire screen, Shift-Command-4 to capture a specific area of a page, and Shift-Command-4-Space to capture a specific window.

Windows + L locks the workstation.

File and Document Keyboard Shortcuts

Press the Ctrl or Command button and then some of these:

+ O to open a file

+ A to select all the text on a page or document

+ N to open a new document

+ C to copy highlighted text

+ X to cut highlighted text

+ V to paste copied or cut text

+ S to save a file or document

+ P to print the document you are in

+ W to close a window

+ Q to close an app (Mac only)

+ Up Arrow to scroll to the top of any webpage


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