If you see a person with graying hair who has not turned 30, it can be a warning.

  1. Heart disease

If you are a man and you notice that your hair quickly becomes grey, be sure to consult a cardiologist. Scientists have discovered that this phenomenon is often associated with ischemic heart disease. For it is a characteristic that does not give any symptoms in the initial phase, so pay attention to this specific character.

  1. Accumulation of peroxide

It is normal hair follicles produce a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. However, if it accumulates, it changes the color of your hair. This condition may be treated with UVB active compounds, which are also used for the treatment of disorders of the pigmentation of skin.

  1. Lack of vitamin D3 and B12

Sometimes a balanced diet is enough to stop gray hair: Scientists have found that vitamin D deficiency leads to loss of melanin, the pigment that gives color to skin and hair. The same goes for vitamin B12.

  1. Smoking

The appearance of gray hair at least should not surprise smokers. It has been proven that smoking causes faster gray hair in smokers than in people who never inhaled. This bad habit also leads to hair loss.

  1. Genetic causes

However, the early appearance of gray hair does not always have to mean health problems; Sometimes it’s just genetics. Gray hair while you are young may not always be a problem, but your natural personality. People whose parents had grey hair at age of 30 will notice the gray hairs at that age, and scientists have found genes that are responsible for the early apperance of gray hair and they are hereditary.

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