Why Is Eating Soaked Almonds An Extremely Healthy Morning Everyday Ritual?

Eating soaked almonds

It is probable that sometimes we hear our mothers convincing us to eat almonds soaked in the morning , instead of eating them raw.

Being healthy is the best way to stay happy, and almonds can help us with that, because if we consume a handful of almonds every morning before breakfast, they can do wonders to our body and mind .

In fact, Ayurvedics say that soggy almonds help reduce the aggravation of bile, and improve the digestion of food . It is also believed that during the winter months, almonds provide heat to the body.

That is why if we look at the benefits brought by soaked almonds , we will surely regret not having listened to our mothers before.

Modern science and eating soaked almonds

Almonds have passed the test of the benefits for human health. The evidence says that walnuts (including almonds) contain phytic acid, a substance that hinders the quality of the body to completely absorb the nutrients present in nuts. However, if we soak the nuts overnight, the phytic acid breaks down and the body absorbs all the nutrients present in them.

A single serving of almonds (one ounce) provides about 129 calories , with a protein content of 6 grams, a dietary fiber content of 4 grams, a monounsaturated fat content of 13 grams and plenty of vitamins and minerals, which They are very beneficial for health.

Blood pressure and almonds

Eating almonds on a daily basis increases the amount of alpha tocopherol, a compound in the blood crucial for maintaining blood pressure. This has shown that almonds help lower the blood pressure of people suffering from high blood pressure, which significantly helps in reducing hypertension.

Almonds and a healthy heart

If the heart is healthy, we are doing well. Almonds are rich in antioxidants and prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. This marvel also keeps control of cholesterol levels, as it helps lower the levels of “bad” cholesterol present in our body and increases the levels of “good” cholesterol our body needs.

Lose weight eating almonds

It is a myth that almonds increase body weight. If you consume almonds in large quantities, you will surely start to gain weight, but the right amount of almonds in your diet can really help you lose weight .

If you add soaked almonds to a low-calorie diet, it not only improves your digestive system, but also helps to minimize your cravings, due to the high fiber content present in your skin. Also, it will cause the phase of weight loss by fighting the symptoms of the metabolic syndrome.

Think no more!

Almonds are not just a nut, they are a “super nut”. So if the soaked walnuts are not part of your daily diet you should probably evaluate it, because there are numerous reasons to keep some soaking in your home overnight, in order to let the body enjoy its benefits, in the morning.

Not only will it keep you in shape, but you will also begin to live a happy life .


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