Chamomile is an herb that has been used for many years to heal many ailments or discomforts , some of these are stomach gas, stomach pains, insomnia and anxiety.

And it is also used to cure certain skin lesions. As you know, the camomile plant has white flowers and those flowers are used to make tea and other natural remedies.
Its most known use is undoubtedly tea! The tea is a dense yellow color and can be sweetened if you wish, although it tastes delicious!

And although it is not scientifically proven, our moms (and moms at this time) always kept us in the refrigerator a few bottles full of chamomile tea when we were drinking to relieve the pain when we gas, calm down and make us fall asleep .

And apparently, it has always worked for generations!

And in fact, it also works great for relieving menstrual cramps in women!

In addition, they will help relieve the anxiety that you will feel during the day, in those complicated days, helping your muscles are not tense.

What can I say, pure wonders with chamomile!

And although pregnant or lactating women are advised to stay away from herbs, chamomile has always been the exception to this rule!

Since combined with other medicinal plants such as licorice or mint, they can cure nausea quickly, although it is very important to mention that using chamomile to cure many discomforts, is NOT traditional medicine , so it is much better to go with your doctor in case of illness.

And as a final note and as TIP of home beauty remedies I would also like to mention that chamomile also has its place in the world of skin as it is used to cure swollen skin, itching and burning.

And if you mix your conditioner with a few droplets of chamomile tea and a few drops of lemon juice, and you put yourself in the sun you will have a natural rinse of your hair!


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