The Herb that Naturally Increase Breast Size!

The dream of many women is to find a natural substance that will increase breast size and reclaim tiny waist. Fenugreek is precisely this miraculous herb that helps in reconstruction of the whole body. This is one of the oldest medicinal herbs, dating from the ancient Egyptians and Hippocrates. Fenugreek (lat. Trigonella, foenum-graecum), can be classified as natural miracles of the ancient times. These seeds can be found in almost every health food store.

Great nutritional value: Fenugreek seed is rich source of protein, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients .Among the medicinal properties found in fenugreek of the choline, trigonelline diosgenin, yamogenin, tigogenin and neotigogens. Also contains valuable minerals, copper, iron, magnesium and manganese.

Healing properties There are several ways to use this valuable seed:

– In Western herbal medicine, used as a tea for expelling excess mucus from the sinuses, throat, lungs and upper respiratory tract.

– Effective and allergy and fever. It stimulates the metabolism of the liver and the kidneys, and thus warms the body.

– Fenugreek soothes and heals mucous membranes of the respiratory, digestive and uro genital tract.

– Lowers cholesterol levels already after 10 days of using.

– Amendment to the daily diet, two tablespoons mix with yoghurt or fruit juice.

– An excellent tonic for digestion.

– Fenugreek in treatment of digestive system works in several ways: stimulates digestion, awakens the appetite and eliminates excess mucus.

– Like bitter tonic positive effect on the liver and spleen improving metabolism.

– Used with severe indigestion, lack of appetite, weakness, diarrhea and an enlarged liver and spleen.

Fenugreek for Women:

Natural breast enlargement. Although it sounds incredible, fenugreek can increase the breast, because it contains phytoestrogens, which affects the growth of the breast and the water retention in the tissue. There are two ways: to massage and drink tea. Fenugreek seeds can be purchased at any health food store and you should soak in water overnight. The second day, use the water in which the seeds dropped their nutrients to massage your breasts.

Preparation of Tea from fenugreek for breast enlargement:

Two tablespoons of seeds put in 6.7 oz (2 dl) cold water. Put to boil, cover and let stand for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally, then strain. Add some local honey to the fenugreek tea. Drink slowly, in small sips. Drink no more than two cups a day.

For the pregnant women, PMS: In addition to beauty, it is good for nursing mothers because it stimulates the production of milk, appease baby, in that way the baby supplies enough iron and helps in weight gain.

It also helps in PMS treatment: Because of the effects on the uterus, consume a couple of days before childbirth, as it encourages and facilitates the contraction of the very act of giving birth.

The potency in men: In addition to help women is good for men because of diosgenin in its composition. Diosgenin help for stronger sexual power and heal many sexual problems.

Tea made from fenugreek: Two tablespoons of seeds put in 6.7 oz (2 dl) cold water. But to boil and after cooking, let stand covered for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally, then strain. Drink slowly, in small sips. The lining helps to the inflammation of skin (boils, abscesses). It helps to the symptoms of respiratory tract, and the ability to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar.


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