Every woman wants to keep her youth as long as possible, although not all people can say honestly. As we age, we do not become more beautiful and fresher: the skin begins to fade, there are wrinkles, bags and dark circles under your eyes, and looking at yourself in the mirror is not a pleasure as it was before.

It seems that today is not just a matter of age because wrinkles and pigments have begun to appear even among young women, as the conditions in which we live are also important. Our grandmothers ate differently, they had a different daily routine, they were breathing clean air, and drank clean water.

As we go outside in the big city, we get into an aggressive environment, and the sun today is also “different”-its rays are not warming, but harmful, it happens because the atmosphere of our planet has not changed for the better. We can enumerate environmental factors for a long time but today we try to tell you how to protect the skin in these circumstances – as everyone wants to stay young and beautiful whatever it takes.

#1 Moisturizer

As our body consists of water, the moisturizing of the skin is one of the main conditions of its beauty. In order to prepare such a moisturizer at home, you need to mix in a blender avocado, fresh cream, and honey. Apply the pasta to your face and wait an hour.

#2 Anti-age salad

We all know that beauty begins from within. That’s why the nutrition is so important for the skin. This salad will give your skin a boost of energy, protect against the sun, and improve the circulation of blood. Mix in a bowl strawberries, kiwi, walnut, blueberries and squeezed orange juice.

#3 Acne spots fighter

Many girls suffer from acne and pimples. As a result of mistreatment, pigment spots may remain after pimples. To get rid of this defect, we need to mix lemon juice, yeast and water. Put this mixture on the spot and leave for 10 minutes.

#4 Toner

Since ancient times, the basil was known as an effective antiseptic. A basil tonic will help you get rid of the pimples fighting harmful bacteria.

Mix the tablespoons of a dried basil with boiling water. Wait for it to cool off and pour it into the spray bottle. Spray face every day and spread this mixture all over the face with a cotton pad.

#5 Age Spots Fighter

The scientists have proved that skin on our hands is aging first because it has almost no skin fat and is constantly influenced by external factors. To get rid of the age spots on your hands, mix boiled rice, agave nectar, and lemon juice. Put this scrub on your hands and massage with circular movements.

#6 Anti-aging facial scrub

Skin cells regularly die and therefore they need to be removed from the surface for the proper functioning of the skin. Mix white sugar, brown sugar, ground almonds and olive oil. Put the paste on your face and rub the skin gently.

#7 Hair Conditioner

When we grow older, our hair becomes sparse and dim. To make the hair beautiful again, use the hair conditioner made of mayonnaise, coconut oil, and coconut extract.

#8 Lip Scrub

The skin on the lips is very gentle and thin, so it requires extra care. To remove dead skin cells, you need to use scrub made of lotion, ground coffee and salt.

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