Use A Plastic Bottle To Grow Your Tomatoes And Grow Hundreds Of Them

To cultivate many factors are necessary that can interfere in the result of what we are looking for. The earth, the environment and even the climate play a very important factor in this delicate process.

That is why you must handle a basic knowledge of all these factors, and thus have an expected result. However, there are many methods that could help you without having to go through such forced labor.

If your goal is to grow some tomatoes in the patio of your house, we tell you that for that there is a very simple method. And you can do everything from the comfort of your home. Since it is simple and fast.

And in this article, we explain how to do it, and you’re just going to need a few tools that you can find anywhere, even in your own home, so keep reading and learn how.


If you are still thinking about why to grow tomatoes in your house when you can buy them in the market, then, before explaining the method to cultivate them.

We are going to finish convincing you with this list of benefits:

Helps to prevent infections in the urine
Increases the capacity of your vision
Helps the heart function as it lowers cholesterol levels
Acts as an antioxidant
Makes your skin look healthier
Now that you know the benefits of having tomatoes grown completely by you in your home, you’ll want to know how you can do it quickly and easily. And here we are going to explain it to you.

You just have to get these implements:

-1 bottle of 2L soda
-1 small tomato plant
-Fertile land
-Scissors or knife
-Coffee filter
-Wooden stick
-Cable or rope
-Adhesive tape or dark cloth

If you already have all the ingredients you must proceed to follow the steps that we are going to give you in the following video.

Remember that each step is important and you must follow it to the letter to have the best result of your cultivation, notes:

So simple you will have your tomatoes grown at home, it is important that the plant is exposed to the sun, keep it hanging with a strong tie and do not forget to add water to the container so that the plant does not dry.


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