The Very Health Benefits Of The Anonymous But High Productive Plant Juniper!

Junipers vary in size and shape from tall trees, 20–40 m tall, to columnar or low spreading shrubs with long trailing branches. They are evergreen with needle-like and/or scale-like leaves. They can be either monoecious or dioecious.

Many junipers have two types of leaves: seedlings and some twigs of older trees have needle-like leaves 5–25 mm long; and the leaves on mature plants are (mostly) tiny (2–4 mm ), overlapping and scale-like. When juvenile foliage occurs on mature plants, it is most often found on shaded shoots, with adult foliage in full sunlight. Leaves on fast-growing ‘whip’ shoots are often intermediate between juvenile and adult.

Use of Juniper as a diuretic:

-Approximately 50 grams of Juniper nuts are mixed, mixed with 1 liter of white wine and allowed to stand for 15 days. Once this red wine is prepared, drink one glass before each meal.

Stimulant of gastric juices:

-To obtain this result you must prepare a cup of infusion with a teaspoon of berries crushed for each cup of water; this remedy should be consumed approximately 3 times a day.

Relaxing bath with Juniper:

-If you suffer from stress as a large percentage of the population, then we recommend in your tub dilute 10 drops of Juniper essential oil , so at the end of your bath you can enjoy relief and a calming effect.

Juniper against rheumatic conditions:

-To alleviate these uncomfortable problems, it is recommended to grind 80 grams of Juniper nuts and let macerate in approximately 80 grams of alcohol for 9 days. The resulting product should be rubbed over the affected area.

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