Successful In Over 78% Of Cases: This Vegetable Is A Miraculous Cure For Skin Cancer!

Phytochemicals that is in it, titration very effective in treating skin cancer.
Phytochemicals known as BEC5 eggplant extract, which was discovered by Dr. Bill E. Cham, after hearing the folk remedy medicine Australian farmers.

BEC5 binds to receptors on the surface of cancer cells. After the cells “deceive” eggplant extract, leads to its rupture so that cancer cells destroyed and its contents reabsorbed by the body.

In treating over 80,000 cases of skin cancer, BEC5 has proved its effectiveness. Cancer is in each case went into remission and did not return. Residents of Australia, thanks to this phytochemicals, cure skin cancer in this way for decades. Scientists point out that BEC5 kills cancer cells but does not harm other healthy cells in the human body.

Another common form of skin cancer are pink cancer cells, the cancer causes nearly two thousands deaths annually. This tissue is in the form of warts and has irregular edges, but it can be treated with the eggplant extract.

This matter of eggplants found success in over 78% of cases, and when applied for eight weeks, and was also used in a cream for 25 years in clinical research in Australia and the UK.

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