5 Green Plants To Put In Your Room That Helps You Sleep Better And Achieve A Good Rest

5 Green Plants To Put In Your Room That Helps You Sleep Better And Achieve A Good Rest

Every night, when you go to sleep, you may believe that in your room are all the conditions given so that you receive a well-deserved rest that renews your energies and allows you to wake up with the lucidity necessary to face another day of intense activities.

But maybe not so. The environment in which we rest is very important to achieve a restful sleep and if the air is vitiated this will influence your body while you sleep. Contaminated and mined negative energy is the last thing you need when you go to sleep for eight hours.

To help you improve the quality of the environment in which you are going to spend these important hours, we will recommend that you use some of these plants that contribute to the purification of the air, in addition to creating a relaxed and pleasing to the eye.


aloe vera has multiple benefits and many medicinal properties, but in this case the use we give is the simplest of all, because we must only place this plant inside our room and let it emit oxygen at night to help you improve the quality of the air and consequently of the dream.

It is the interior plant par excellence. It gives an exotic aspect to the environments, does not need much care, neither much direct sun, nor much water. It would seem that this plant practically takes care of itself. It is ideal to place in a corner of your room.


For many years the lavender plant has been used to make herbal teas that reduce levels of stress and anxiety. Why not have one of these plants with such a nice perfume inside our room? In addition to having beautifully colored flowers that decorate any environment, the lavender plants with their characteristic aroma help to normalize the heart rate, inducing a calm and deep sleep. Did you know that this plant can also help reduce baby crying?


This plant is my favorite! What intense and sensual perfume the jasmine! Jasmine helps reduce anxiety and the characteristic perfume of its flowers soothes the nerves, ensuring a restful and restful sleep. Did you know that jasmines intensify their perfume as they wilt? One trick to take better advantage of your benefits is to take some petals of the already wilted flowers and place them in the pillow cases … And to rest!


There must be few plants that grow as fast and in unfavorable conditions as the ivy. They do not need a lot of care and according to how you locate them in your room you can realize real decorative scenes with their climbing branches.

It is ideal for people with asthma or who suffer from respiratory problems. It purifies the air and improves the quality of the dream.


Popular speech decided to call this plant “mother tongue” because of its long and sharp leaves, but the truth is that it is a plant that can give us many benefits especially at bedtime. The snake plant is native to Nigeria and like any vegetable in dry and warm climates does not need too much water to live. It is ideal to keep it in the interior, sheltered from the cold.

At night, it emits the much needed oxygen, thus purifying the carbon dioxide from the air we breathe and improving our nocturnal rest. You can also distribute others inside your home, as it can filter the harmful toxins that are permanently in the air.


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