How To Whiten Chlorine Free Clothes With 5 Easy Homemade Remedies

Say goodbye to chlorine! Here we tell you how to whiten clothes with natural products and home remedies.

In addition to eliminating any bad smell, stains are also a headache and more when they happen in white clothes since it easily gets dirty or notice if this happens, do not resort to chemicals and better check here how to bleach clothes without chlorine , try these home remedies!

How to Whiten Chlorine Free Clothes with 5 Easy Homemade Remedies

1.SODIUM BICARBONATE for chlorine free whitening

In addition to being an economical product, it helps to eliminate stains giving softness to the tissues.

Add ½ cup of bicarbonate to your usual detergent and perform the common wash. Remember not to mix colored laundry with white laundry.

For blunt spots, apply directly, mixed with a little lemon juice.

2.OXYGENATED WATER Oxygenated for chlorine free whitening

water is a product that helps to whiten and care for garments because it does not contain chlorine.

In normal washing, add ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide -3% with normal detergent. It can also be applied directly on the stain.


-Lemon juice is a natural astringent that cleans in depth, eliminates all types of dirt and leaves the linen crisp white.

-Fill a pot with water and lemon slices, bring to a boil and then soak the clothes for an hour before washing it regularly.

-Another good option is to prepare a solution of soap, a tablespoon of salt and the juice of two lemons. Soak the clothes in this mixture, then let it drain and dry in the sun.


-This natural ingredient helps to take care of the garments and, by the way, helps them to bleach. It is recommended especially for delicate or cotton garments.
Soak the garment in a bowl of milk, leave it there for a couple of hours and rinse as usual.


-In addition to being a product that helps remove stains and dirt, white vinegar is not aggressive with the fabrics and helps them to soften so as not to have to resort to fabric softeners.

-Add ½ to 1 cup of distilled white vinegar to your natural laundry detergent powder and perform ordinary washing.

-If your clothing has stains on the neck, armpits or other areas, apply vinegar on the affected area and let it act one hour before rinsing.


We know well that white garments are not kept like this by magic, it helps to keep them in good condition and above all shiny with these little tips.

-To avoid the terrible yellow spots on white clothes, avoid applying perfumes, deodorants or any other chemical that stains the fabric.

-If you dry your clothes in the sun, the UV rays will help keep the target much more beautiful and shiny.

No more percudidas, these remedies to know how to bleach clothes will be your allies!


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