How To Lower Blood Sugar And Triglycerides. Remedy That Works!

Glucose is necessary in the body because of it is that our cells and organs extract the energy to function properly.

But when glucose levels go up too high there can be very serious consequences, such as chronic diseases such as diabetes. To combat these terrible diseases, we can prepare this natural remedy to prevent, or keep controlled, the consequences of having high levels of glucose in the blood, among which diabetes stands out.

High levels of fats in the blood (lipids) are called triglycerides, although we usually refer to them simply as fats. Fats are another way in which the body gets energy to function fully, as they are more effective than carbohydrates. Since these two blood values ​​are easily uneven, this time we recommend this remedy to maintain stable triglycerides and glucose in the blood, without the help of drugs and without their terrible side effects.

How to Lower Blood Sugar and Triglycerides

This remedy works because it speeds up the metabolism too. This allowed the patients to stop experiencing symptoms such as: chronic fatigue, constipation, sleep problems, etc.


-Two cinnamon sticks.
-A spoonful of clove powder.
-1.5 liters of water.

Method of preparation:

-First, in a jar (preferably glass) pour the water and add cinnamon and clove.

-Mix all the ingredients.

-Let stand for 4 days in the refrigerator.

-This is all you need to do to prepare this home remedy! Its effectiveness lies in that at that time the water will absorb all the healing properties of the other ingredients.

Final Recommendations:

This home treatment should be done fasting and 15 minutes before breakfast and drink only 150 ml daily. This treatment should be done until you have drunk 4.5 liters of the preparation. Then rest 15 days and start again. We also recommend a healthy diet accompanied by a moderate exercise routine.

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