This Popular Food Causes Diabetes, Heart Disease And Stroke

Due to the fact that instant noodles are cheap and easily prepared, people tend to consume them on a daily basis, especially college kids.

Unfortunately, their consumption on a daily basis can lead to serious health conditions, including a heart attack. Besides being harmful for your overall health, instant noodles can cause various other life threatening diseases which can result in death. Another great problem that occurs due to the consumption of instant noodles is the fact that people get obese.


Tertiary-butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ,) is a food additive and a byproduct of the petroleum industry used in order to preserve cheap processed food. this harmful additive is found in instant noodles.

In order to find out more about these noodles, a gastrointestinal specialist used lapse video inside the stomach to see what happens after two hours of consuming them. The results were terrible.

According to the results, these noodles were not digested properly which unfortunately prevents nutrient absorption thus allowing the preservatives to stay longer in the stomach before they end up in the intestines and are eliminated.

What’s Bad About Instant Noodles?

Besides being made of salt, sugar, palm oil and wheat flour, they contain artificial color and flavoring as well. Their flavored packets contain powdered salt, seasonings, sugar and monosodium glutamate.

It is already discussed that artificial colors and flavors have the ability to destroy the organism, which means that processed wheat and sodium content are only cherry on the top of this delicious food.

Instant noodles contain over 2,700 mg of sodium.

If you want to stay healthy, make sure to avoid the consumption of instant noodles for good.


Instant noodles are extremely popular in South Korea. According to a research conducted in this country, 11,000 people who consumed instant noodles on a regular basis were at higher risk of developing diabetes, metabolic syndrome or experience a stroke. As you can realize on your own, they are extremely hazardous for our overall health, so in order to preserve your and your family’s  health,  make sure to avoid them and try to prepare homemade food like homemade paste or snacks.


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