This Three Year Old Inhaled A Popcorn kernel- 6 Months Later, Doctors Had To Pull Her Life Support

In this article, we will present you a tragic story which can happen to all of us if we are not careful enough. Mirranda Grace Lawson was enjoying her time with her family in one moment, while the next one turned into tragedy.

When time stops

This tragic moment happened one beautiful day when the family was celebrating her mother’s birthday. In one moment, the entire family was happy and joyful, while the next turned into tragedy when Mirranda ran into the living room with her eyes huge and without being able to talk. The family stopped and looked horrified, and then she fell to the ground. Her father immediately started CPR.

Something in her windpipe

The ambulance arrived, but unfortunately, it was too late because her heart stopped working. They couldn’t see anything in her mouth, but eventually the discovered that there was a piece of popcorn that was cutting her air. Luckily, the doctors managed to get Miranda’s heart pumping once more and then she was transferred to the hospital and put on ventilators. Her family could only hope that she will pull through.

Life support

Sadly, the doctors made the brain test death test and confirmed that the sweet child was gone. Her family fought with the doctors in order to give her more time before unplugging the life support. They even ended up taking their fight to the Virginia court system because they wanted more time so that the child can recover from tragedy.

Even though the Lawsons fought for their child and spend thirty thousand dollars in order to bring their petition to the State Supreme Court, Miranda remained on life support. Both the doctors and the nurses did their best for her.

Passing peacefully

Sadly, the courts never got to make a decision, the child’s health deteriorated and she passed away on her own six months after the incident. Even though her family fought until the end, it was little that they could do. This shows how fragile our life is and how can change in just one moment, so be as careful as you can.

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