Rub This On Any Scar, Wrinkle, or Stain You Have on Your Face and Watch Them Disappear in Minutes! Even Doctors are Shocked!

Everyone appreciates healthy, glowing skin. People around the world spend large amounts of money on expensive products that often fail to provide vibrant, beautiful skin.

You can reduce or eliminate scars, stains, and wrinkles from your face easily and naturally, without having to buy expensive skin care regimens.

What is the secret to this successful skin care recipe? It’s honey, a naturally sweet substance created by bees. Honey improves circulation in your skin and offers many other benefits to your overall health.

The recipe below will give you a facial treatment that helps fade acne, blemishes, discoloration, and scars on your face. It’s easy and inexpensive to make at home.

How to Make Your Own Facial Treatment With Honey


  • 1 teaspoon natural honey
  • 1 tablespoon ground nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon powdered cinnamon

In a bowl, mix the honey, nutmeg, lemon juice, and cinnamon until the mixture becomes thick. If you have sensitive skin, add a little more honey to the mixture. Honey soothes inflammation.

If you suffer from rosacea, honey may dilate the blood vessels in your face, so this remedy may not be a good choice for your skin.

If desired, you may add some white or green clay to the mixture. If needed, add a little water to thin the mixture.

Gently apply the facial treatment, avoiding the areas around your eyes and mouth. If you notice a tingling sensation, you will know the mask is working. This feeling will subside in a few minutes.

Allow the mask to remain on your face for ten minutes. Then, carefully rinse and wash your face with warm water. Finally, finish treating your face by applying a quality moisturizer.

For future applications, you may only need to apply the remedy to the affected areas of your face.

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