10 Facts That You Need To Know About Bananas!

Besides being extremely delicious, bananas are also beneficial for our overall health since they are abundant in numerous vitamins and minerals

The consumption of this fruit on a daily basis can help in the treatment health conditions like blindness, morning sickness, depression, diabetes, osteoporosis, kidney cancer, etc. Besides this, the consumption of bananas can also help you:

  • Regulate blood sugar
  • Strengthen the bones and teeth, improve mineral absorption and prevent calcium deficiency
  • Improve digestion due to their high levels of dietary fiber as well as to fight off constipation and indigestion by regulating the bowel movements.
  • Prevent kidney cancer and kidney stones by absorbing calcium.

  • Treat depression due to their high levels of tryptophan which transforms into serotonin in the body which controls the mood.
  • Due to their high levels of potassium, bananas can also improve the reasoning and cognitive function.
  • Protect from stroke and from heart attack due to their low content of sodium and high content of potassium
  • Fight off anemia due to their high levels of iron which improved blood quality.
  • Boost energy. In order to get enough stamina for the whole season, make sure to eat a banana or two before exercising.


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