Wearing A Bra While Sleeping? Read This!

If you’re a woman, you probably not completely sure about whether you should wear a bra or not while sleeping. You’re not the only one, believe us. In fact, there are divided opinions about this issue. There are those who are in favor of this habit and those who always take off their bra before going to bed. When it comes to wearing a bra at night, there are a lot of true facts, but there are also many myths to which you shouldn’t pay too much attention.

Those who don’t wear a bra while sleeping claim that this habit can cause body marks and clog the lymph nodes and thus, increase the chances of breast cancer. However, others don’t agree with this claim. That is, they think that wearing a bra all the time prevents the breasts from becoming saggy.

According to medical experts, the lymph nodes in the armpits have a natural way of filtering or draining the breast of lymph fluid and preventing infection, cancerous cells, and other foreign materials from causing problems.

And, there is no hard evidence that wearing a bra at night blocks the pathway of the lymph nodes, therefore, the claim that wearing a bra while sleeping increases the risk of breast cancer shouldn’t be taken into account.

Moreover, there is no scientific proof for the claim that wearing a bra all the time prevents the breasts from becoming saggy. The scientifically confirmed contributing factors to breast sagginess are genetics, breastfeeding, age, or pregnancy.

In order to prevent sagging, women who wear a size C and above, need to choose a soft bra which doesn’t have hardware of a fastener while women with smaller breasts have no benefit from wearing a bra while sleeping.

All in all, the best option is the one which suits you the most and it is usually a question of comfort. Always opt for natural fiber bras which will fit you well and offer adequate support for your breasts.

Source: healthyfoodhouse

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