Doctor Sells His Practice in New York, Buys Organic Farm & Begins Treating Patients Himself

In accordance with the natural food trend, Robert Weiss, a New Jersey doctor, sold his 25-year old medical practice in New York to take his medical proficiency to the farmlands.

In other words, this doctor is probably the evolution of modern medicine. What he exactly did was buying two farms where he provides plant-based medicine by improving his patient` diets.  He teamed with an organic farmer with over two decades of experience, and took over a 348-acre farm in Long Valley. They have launched the first organic farm & practice in New Jersey, using a holistic diet-based treatment.

“Human health is directly related to the health of the environment, the production of food and how it is grown,” said Weiss. “I see this farm as an opportunity for me to take all the biology and chemistry of plants I have studied, and link them to the human biological system.

As he explains, fruits and veggies are packed with nutrients that prevent inflammation, which is known as one of the key causes of most chronic diseases.

“Plant-based whole foods are the most powerful disease-modifying tools available to practitioners — more powerful than any drugs or surgeries.

“I am not saying if you fall down and break your ankle, I can fix it by putting a salve of mugwort on it. You need someone to fix your fracture.  I am talking about treating and preventing chronic disease — the heart attacks, the strokes, the cardiovascular disease, the cancers … the illnesses that are taking our economy and our nation down.”

Understanding that the a well-balanced diet is the key to preventing most of the chronic diseases of the modern society plagued with sugar and processed food,  Weiss has done a bold, yet extremely effective move.

While most of his colleagues don’t agree, the patients are the living proof that his method really works.  For instance, there is the 90-year-old Angelina Rotella West New York, who visited his office in a wheelchair, with congestive heart failure.

“I asked her, ‘Do you want me to call 911 and admit you to Palisades General? Or will you let me feed you sweet potatoes and kale?’ Amazingly enough, with the help of her daughter, she chose this,” Weiss said. “She doesn’t have diabetes anymore and chronic heart failure. She is cooking, sewing and walking around town. I’m not saying it’s easy, but she seized the opportunity and she is transformed.”

Angie Rotella- Suarez, Mrs. Rotella`s daughter, prepared her mother` s meals very carefully.  The strict diet included complex carbs, such as sweet potatoes; steam greens, like kale and spinach; whole grains, fruit, and a lot of water.

“It sounds like a hoax, but Dr. Weiss is absolutely thorough. He is the best of what the medical profession has to offer,” she stated. “He is not living in a make-believe world.”

After seeing their mother’s recovery, Rotella-Suarez and her sister both started following the vegan diet and each lost 40 pounds. More importantly, they are both no longer pre-diabetic.

Source: dailyhealthpost

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