Anybody with high blood pressure needs to try this 15-minute hand exercise

Hypertension, commonly known as high blood pressure, is extremely common condition, currently affecting 1 in 3 American adults. Nearly 80 percent of these people are aware of their condition, while only 52 out of that 80 percent keep it in check.  Men have higher blood pressure for the first 60 years, and after this period, women`s blood pressure begins to rise.

Did you know that 69 percent of people who have their first heart attack, 74 percent who have congestive heart failure, and 77 percent who have a stroke suffer from hypertension? Keeping blood pressure under control reduces the risk of heart-related problems by 70 percent.

Unfortunately, most people believe that keeping blood pressure in check is quite difficult, due to the many diet changes that need to be done.  Changes like watching your fat intake, cutting sodium intake, limiting caffeine intake, and staying physically active may seem hard, but a lot of high blood pressure can be controlled by implementing them.

But, what about those who simply cannot lower their blood pressure that way? What solution they are left with?

While there are many ways to address this condition naturally, most doctors instantly prescribe a statin-containing medication. In case your doctor does so, it is important to increase your ubiquinone (CoQ10) intake.

Generally, for every 1 mg. of statin, whether it comes in natural form or in the form of a patented pharmaceutical, one should be taking at least 10 mg. of CoQ10. Ubiquinone helps lower blood pressure by keeping the cardiovascular system running properly.

The Good News

A recently performed study by McMaster University has found that people with high blood pressure and on a statin type of treatment, can notably improve their blood pressure without any exercise or nutrition changes.

This particular study included squeezing a handgrip for two minutes at 30 percent maximum grip strength. After approximately four minutes, the squeezing exercise was done again for two minutes. The subjects did this four times per session which occurred once every other day.  The result: their systolic pressure dropped!

To use this exercise, you will only need a hand grip that can be purchased in any sporting goods store. Look for one that fits your hand and that you can squeeze with a mild effort.

How to Do the Handgrip Exercise

  • Put the grip in the right hand, hold, and then squeeze it.  Hold for a couple of seconds, and release. Repeat the process as much as you can for at least two minutes, and then rest for two minutes.
  • Switch to you left hand and repeat the same pattern (squeeze-and-hold). Again, do this for at least two minutes.
  • Continue with the process, until four sets are done for each hand, totaling 16 minutes of squeezing.  Once the exercise starts becoming easier, aim at holding the contractions for a minimum of a few seconds more on each hand. Eventually, the strength will build up.

Source: 1mhealthtips

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