Walnuts: The Cure For Your Thyroid, Throat, Bronchitis…

Walnuts are not only delicious food, they can be also extremely beneficial for our overall health as well. Many minor or more serious health issues like bronchitis, lowered immunity, thyroid problems, infections of the throat and respiratory tract can be treated with homemade products based on walnuts.

Walnuts and Honey Home Remedy

In order to prepare this amazing natural remedy, you need to wash and dry 20 young green walnuts. After that, chop each piece into 4 parts and put the pieces in a jar. Then, pour the honey over the walnuts, close it well and leave it for a month exposed to the sun.

In the end, strain a shot of this remedy on a daily basis and drink it while it lasts.

Walnut, Honey, and Brandy Remedy

Chop 40 young green walnuts and put them in a pot. After that, pour one liter of any homemade brandy over the walnuts. In the end, pour a pound of homemade organic honey, stir all the ingredients well with a plastic spoon, cover it and leave it in the sun for 40 days.

Once done, you should strain a shot of this remedy every day and drink it while it lasts.

Homemade Walnut Brandy.

Since ancient times, people have been using walnut brandies to treat thyroid disease. Due to the fact that green walnuts contain iodine, they were the best option for this remedy.

It is very simple to prepare, all you have to do is to make small incision in 40 green walnuts with a knife and put them in a large jar. After that, make sure to add 2 liters of homemade brandy, add some sugar if you want, seal the jar and allow it to stand for 6 weeks in the sun.

After this period, just strain the brandy into separate bottles. Make sure to take just one shot of this homemade remedy early in the morning, before breakfast.

Besides being helpful in treating thyroid issues, it is also an excellent natural solution for stomach-related diseases and mouth and throat mucosa, due to its rich iodine content.

When to Pick Green Walnuts?

You can find green walnuts in june, when they are the most beneficial. Just remember to check whether they are healthy by slicing them and checking whether their inside it white.

Spicing Up Your Drinks

You are allowed to spice your brandy as well, by adding some cinnamon, orange, dried lemons, vanilla stick or cloves. Another way to prepare a brandy is to use one deciliter of walnut extract per one liter of brandy.

Yet another interesting way of preparing it is by adding 700 ml of red wine mulled with 2.1 kg of sugar, to your strained walnut brandy.

At last but not least, you can use the method of mixing 2 dl of extract with half a liter of brandy that you can dilute with 200 grams of sugar and half a liter of water. Remember to stir well the ingredients and then leave them for 2-3 weeks before drinking it.

You can serve any of the abovementioned variations as an aperitif, just by adding some ice and a slice of lemon, but always remember to shake it mildly before using them. Cheers to your health!

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