Soak Nuts Before Eating and Improve Your Digestion

The phytic acid in nuts and grains is part of their defense mechanism, which enables them to grow to their full maturity and protects them from predators. In the process of digestion, phytic acid binds to minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and these bound minerals cannot be easily absorbed in the intestines.

That’s why you find some bits of nuts in your stool because it’s the phytic acid that prevents the proper digestion. Consumption of untreated nuts can lead to mineral deficiencies and even bone loss. This phytic acid can be nullified by soaking, fermentation or sprouting.

Benefits of Soaked Nuts

When soaking the nuts, you remove the phytic acid and neutralize enzyme inhibitors. In this way, you promote an easy digestion and absorption of nutrients and vitamins from the nuts.

If you want to remove the peels more easily, soak the nuts in hot water. Also, a little salt in the water can neutralize the enzymes and remove tannins and dust residue. Soaking encourages production of beneficial enzymes and increases the level of vitamin B in the body.

Soaking stimulates the production of beneficial enzymes and increases the level of vitamin B in the body. It neutralizes the toxins in the colon and cleanses the colon.

The most important function is that it breaks down proteins and gluten into smaller components available for easier absorption.

However, make sure you do not re-use the water for cooking because it can contain harmful substances.

This is the time you need to soak nuts:

1. Garbanzo beans 12-48 hours
2. Almonds – 12 hours
3. Alfalfa seeds – 12 hours
4. Walnuts – 8 hours
5. Broccoli seeds – 8 hours
6. Pecans – 8 hours
7. Hazelnuts – 8 hours
8. Pine nuts – 8 hours
9. Pumpkin seeds – 7 hours
10. Flax seeds – 6 hours
11. Cashewnuts – 6 hours
12. Macadamia – 4 hours

If some nuts require more than 8 hours, make sure you re-wash them and add them to fresh water every 8 hours.

Source: wellnessmama

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