You Need To Add 1/4 Teaspoon of Baking Soda in Your Coffee! Do This Every Day and You Will Have Amazing Results!

You probably did not know that by drinking baking soda you can actually improve your health. Even though this fact may be unbelievable, it is true. Something as simple as baking soda can actually improve your overall health.
The thing that it is even more incredible is that when you combine baking soda with other ingredients, you are going to receive supercharged healing powers.

Coffee Is Acidic
Even though you may find this strange but acid can be a good thing. Especially the single-origin coffee beans can brew up the coffee with a delightful tang or brightness.
However, it is known that the extremely dark roasts and cheap coffee beans are overly acidic. Acid consumption is not recommended for those who have sensitive stomach, particularly for those who drink more than one cup of this amazing drink a day.

The cheap beans and the big-batch brewing make for a highly acidic cup of coffee. That is the reason why the church basement coffee is known as being stomach-churning. I was amazed by the fact that my mother-in-law learned to add baking soda to the brewing coffee in the basement of a Baptist church.

Baking Soda Is an Alkaline
Some of the naturally occurring acid in the coffee is neutralized by the baking soda. ¼ teaspoon of baking soda for a pot of coffee will provide easier digestion and will smooth the harsh flavor of the inexpensive coffee.
My mother-in-law is constantly adding a half teaspoon to the grounds before brewing, no matter the beans or brewer. When you drink the coffee, you will not feel the flavor of the baking soda.

According to research, the people who have troubles with coffee and digestive issues should consume low-acid coffee or get rid of their coffee habit since the alkaline effects of baking soda on brewed coffee are purely anecdotal.
Even though I would personally try my best to buy high quality beans and avoid the process of adding the baking soda in my coffee, I am still curious: Have you ever added baking soda to the coffee grounds before brewing? Is this cup of coffee easier to drink?

Source: naturehealthfamily

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