Warning Signs And Symptoms About Lung Cancer That You Should Never Ignore

Nowadays, cancer is considered as one of the most dangerous and life-threatening disease, and the most aggressive type is the lung cancer. According to the statistics, in 2010 in America, there were 239.320 new cases of lung cancer. Sadly, even 161.250 deaths were recorded.

The major causers for lung cancer is smoking, environmental factors and genetic predispositions. It is considered the most dangerous type of cancer since the symptoms appear in the advance stage of the cancer.

Chronic Cough

Regular cough or bronchitis only last for week or two and they are usually accompanied by signs of ineffective ailments. On the other hand, if you start coughing more often and it lasts for more than several weeks, you should definitely consult your doctor. Don’t panic, since it can be just some allergy or irritation, but still you should have in mind that it can also be an indicator of lung cancer.

Shortness of Breath

If you experience difficulties while breathing, pay a visit to your doctor since it could be a sign of a lung cancer or a heart disease.

Chest Pain

Another major symptom of lung cancer is the dull and sharp pain in the pack, shoulder or chest. The most common and less specific symptom of lung cancer is chest pain. However, don’t panic immediately, since it could also mean that you are dealing with some other lung issue, heart issue, or it could simply be a psychological issue.

Weight Loss

Make sure to consult your doctor if you experience a sudden loss of weight for no apparent reason. Feeling weak and losing weight can be a symptom of an advanced tumor.

It is beneficial to know all these signs and symptoms, but it doesn’t mean that you should panic if you experience some of them. The best thing would be to consult your doctor and exclude the disease in early stage if it exists in the first place.

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