BEST NATURAL APHRODISIAC: When woman drink it they cannot stop, as well as men…

The recipe we have for you today has been used since ancient times and was passed through many generations. It’s an effective natural aphrodisiac for men which will improve your performance in bed and make you the best lover you can be.

The remedy is made from only 3 natural ingredients – raisins, milk and saffron. Raisins have long been considered a powerful libido booster, while milk will give you energy and make you a beast in bed. This natural Viagra will improve your sperm count and increase the chances of getting your partner pregnant. Here’s how to prepare it:


30 gr. of raisins

200 ml. of milk

50 gr. of saffron

Preparation and use

Wash the raisins well and cook them in the milk, then add the saffron towards the end. Leave the mixture to cool down afterwards and take it 3 times a day. Gradually increase the amount of raisins every day until you reach 50 gr. daily. This amazing remedy will significantly boost your libido and sexual performance, transforming you into a great lover.

Source: cuisineandhealth

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