Put A Bar Of Soap Under Your Bed Sheets For A Baffling But Incredible Effect

You have probably already experienced leg cramps and you know how painful it can be, especially when it happens while you are sleeping. According to Mayo Clinic, there are many different reasons that cause leg cramps such as the following ones: nerve compression, lack of certain minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium, dehydration and overuse during strenuous or prolonged exercise.

Pregnant women, older people who have lost muscle mass, people who suffer from diabetes, liver, nerve and thyroid disorder are the most common ones who experience leg cramps. Fortunately, there are some homemade remedies which  will help you relax the muscle when you experience a cramp.


Sometimes, it is best to perform a stretch in order to relieve a cramp. For instance, while you are experiencing a leg cramp, you should stand in front of a wall, put all your weight on your cramped leg and then bend your knee in order to stretch the muscle. On the other hand, if the pain is severe, then you should sit on a chair and extend your cramped leg. After that, try to pull the top of your foot towards your head.

Apple cider vinegar

According to naturopaths, you should drink a combination of warm water, ACV and a teaspoon of honey in order to prevent nighttime leg cramps. This solution will help since ACV contains calcium and potassium.

Irish Spring

People who suffer from nighttime leg cramps on a regular basis should definitely put an unwrapped bar of Irish Spring soap between their sheets because the smell of lavender is effective in relaxing tense muscles.

Tonic water

Nocturnal leg cramps can be reduced by the use of tonic water which contains quinine that decreases the chances of a muscle contracting.


Most of the people who experience leg cramps are potassium deficient. This is why you should eat bananas or other potassium rich foods like raisins, papaya, beans, dates, orange juice, tomato paste, etc.


In order to relax the muscle, you should place an electric heating pad or apply a hot washcloth onto the cramped muscle since this will increase blood flow. Another great solution is to take a long, warm shower a well as to relax in a bathtub filled with water and Epsom salts.


Self massage is another great solution to relax a cramped muscle. First of all, you need to find the center of the cramps and press into the tightened muscle for ten seconds, release and then push again. repeat the massage until you feel the muscle is relaxed.


In order to prevent leg cramps, you should walk on a daily basis because physical activity increases blood flow and alleviates leg pain and cramps associated with diabetes and other health conditions.

Make sure to use some of the abovementioned methods whenever you experience a leg cramp because they are extremely beneficial and effective.

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