Most Effective Homemade Juice For Fastest Weight Loss, Cleansing And Healing

Since 1940, the nutritionist Stanley Borough developed the original recipe for purification and healing which was first treated with gastric ulcers and other health conditions.

At first, the main idea was to drink 12 cups per day in a week and to eliminate food for completely.

Nevertheless, after a while Stanley explained that the same drink will contribute to faster melting of weight whether or not consuming food, if it is not used for treatment but only for weight loss.

The main ingredient is lemon. Due to its high levels of vitamin C and potassium which are natural antibacterial agents, it has the ability to treat digestive diseases and enhance immunity.

As you can realize, proper digestion is crucial for reducing excess weight. When it comes to honey, it also helps in the reduction of weight because it is used as a substitute for other sugars.

Moreover, it also has the ability to reduce the levels of stress hormones in the organism as well as to cleanse the liver.

Red pepper is another ingredient which helps In faster and easier melting calories due to the fact that red peppers contain capsaicin that increases the body temperature. The blood circulation actually brings and ejects the toxins from the digestive system through the natural process of elimination.

How to make the drink?

The ingredients:

  • 2 lemons
  • 4 tablespoons organic honey
  • Half tablespoon pepper (hot).
  • Filtered water.


It is very simple to prepare, all you have to do is to add the honey in 200ml of lukewarm water and mix the ingredients well. After that, add the lemon juice and in the end the red pepper. Stir all the ingredients once more and then pour them in a jag or bottle of one liter and fill with water until the end.

You should drink this miraculous beverage in the morning on an empty stomach, and whenever you feel thirsty throughout the day in order to complete the whole volume of one liter per day.


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