Here’s What Will Happen When You Stop Eating Bread!

According to the statistics, bread accounts for 20% of the total calories intake worldwide. This is because bread is served with almost every meal in Western diet. In this article, we will show you why you should reduce the consumption of bread. It will do wonders for your body for sure.

You Lose Water Weight

If you reduce the intake of carbohydrates, you will lose weight, but you will actually shed the accumulated water. Experts claim that when your body stores carbs in the form of glycogen, every single gram of carbohydrate store 3-4 times its weight in water. In other words, a lot of water will start shedding when you stop consuming carbs because your body will use your glycogen stores a lot.

You Will Feel Exhausted

Carbohydrates are actually the brain’s main source of energy, so if you stop the intake of carbs, your brain will start running on fumes. After a while as your body uses up all the glycogen stores, it will start breaking down fat and will run off of little carbon fragments called ketones. As a result of all of this, you will experience nausea, dizziness, weakness, brain fog, dry mouth, tiredness, insomnia and bad breath. However, after some time, you will get used to this regimen, but still ketones will never become the preferred fuel of choice.

Digestion Problems

Recently, a study discovered that the intake of whole grains plays a huge role in how much fiber you get. Unfortunately, even 92% of U.S. adults don’t get nearly as much of these grains as they should. This is definitely not good since our body needs the proper amount of fibers in order to stabilize the blood-sugar levels, reduce the risk of obesity and other chronic diseases. It keeps your bathroom habits regular as well.


Due to the fact that carbs increase the brain’s levels of the feel-good neurotransmitter serotonin, once you eliminate them from your diet, you will experience anxiety. In other words, when you eliminate healthy carbs such as whole grains, your mental health gets compromised. Moreover, eliminating carbs can also lead to a major drop in energy levels since our brain uses them as fuel for almost everything, including exercise, endurance and resistance work out.

Source: healthcorner365

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