You Will Not Believe What Saging Na Saba (Saba Banana) Can Do To Your Body! A Must-Read!

According to a recent research, the most common fruit eaten by people is banana. This is probably because banana is convenient to grab and go when  you are in a hurry. Except for being easy to consume, banana is also extremely beneficial for your health, especially when we talk about cardava bananas or “ Saba Banana” found in the Philippines.

People there prefer to eat it cooked, but according to DMAM, when cooked, all the benefits and nutrients of bananas disappear, which means it is best to eat them fresh.

In this article, we will present some of the health benefits this fruit can provide to your organism:

Source Of Vitamins, Minerals And Natural Energy

Most of the people have the habit of drinking coffee in the morning or during the day in order to increase their energy. Well, you should stop that immediately, and instead eat 2 bananas whenever you feel drained since this fruit is an excellent source of energy.

They Can Help Regulate Body Circulatory System

As you probably all know, bananas are abundant in potassium, a mineral which has the ability to regulate your body circulatory system by delivering oxygen to the brain. Moreover, it can also maintain the regular heartbeat of your heart and proper balance of water content in the body. The consumption of bananas on a regular basis will also help you prevent strokes, regulate blood pressure, or in other words, is beneficial for the whole circulatory health system.

Eliminates Hangover

Young people usually drink a lot of alcohol when they party for the weekend, so usually they are hangover in the morning. Banana is the right solution for this problem since it is an excellent source of vitamins which replenish the body, thus helps reducing the effects of hangover.

Helps You Quit Smoking

Due to its high levels of vitamin B as well as other types of minerals which reduce the effect of nicotine in the body, the consumption of banana will help you quit smoking. Moreover, banana is also abundant in vitamin B6 which has the ability to reduce menstrual pain and regulate the temperature of pregnant woman.

Helps Stop Constipation

Besides being abundant in potassium, banana is also a rich source of fiber. This means that you should eat banana when you suffer from constipation since it will help you restore and decrease constipation problems without causing diarrhea.

Treats Ulcer

The consumption of banana will also promote intestinal health through leaving protective coating on the inner walls, as well as reduce acidity in your stomach and the irritation from your digestive system. due to the fact that banana acts as a natural antacid, you should consume it when you suffer from a heartburn because it will soothe the burn in no time.

Source: homehealthyrecipes

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