WARNING: 100 Children Killed After Eating This Fruit On An Empty Stomach

100 children died in northern India, and the mystery of the serious illness is finally resolved.

Many researchers from America and India claim that the main reason why all those children died is the consumption of lychees on an empty stomach. The medical journal The Lancet published the results which showed that the children were actually poisoned by the fruit.

Almost all the children who diet were poor children who lived in lychee-producing area, thus they consumed the fruit that had fallen on to the ground.

“Parents in affected villages report that during May and June, young children frequently spend their day eating lychees in the surrounding orchards; many return home in the evening uninterested in eating a meal,” the researchers wrote.

There are certain toxins present in this fruit which can restrict the body’s ability to produce glucose. The main reason why this affected the children is because their blood sugar levels were already low since they skipped their evening meal.

Furthermore, the experts examined the sick children and they discovered a link to an outbreak of illness that cause brain swelling and convulsions in children who live in the Carribean.

The ackee fruit cause this outbreak since it is high in hypoglycin, which is a toxin that prevents the body from producing glucose. According to some other researches, lychee contains hypoglycin as well.

In order to prevent serious illnesses and even death, we should limit the lychee consumption and make sure that our children already had a meal before eating this fruit.

To prevent further damage such as muscle weakness, mental impairment or movement disorders, people should treat the symptoms immediately and to correct their glucose levels as well.

Source: houseofhealthyfood

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