What Will Happen After No More Eating Bread?

Many of us hear that low carb diet is good for us. But, which foods must be removed here? First no more pasta and bread. And people also tested how long they can last without carbs in the diet. Whether is cutting whole grains refined carbs or every carb, it is healthy. These are the various effects of cutting carbs out.


The best effect yet to happen. Removing carbs instantly shows weight loss with little workouts and even NO workouts. But that is not quite the weight you want to lose.  The weight seems to be more water and not fat. This is due to lack of carbs inside. When we eat carbs they are stored as glycogen and that stores up even 4 times more than water. When you lose the glycogen and have less of its production, water sheds. This sounds nice, but is not all healthy.


This applies to people that tried low carb and no carbs diets. They lack energy since they lack glycogen. The body and brain use carbs both as energy and we need them. With no carbs inside, glycogen wears off and the body runs on ketones. This means more fatigue, dizziness, nausea, lack of focus, dry mouth, weakness, bad breath and focus issues. On the long run, the body adapts with ketones as energy and adjusts to this. This is not the best fuel source. It WILL result in low energy.


People that remove just carbs that are refined have many benefits. We all know refined carbs are UNHEALTHY and spike the blood sugar. This means the glucose spikes and crashes fast down. This spike and downs lead to sugary addictions in the brain. That means we crave more sugar, salt, fat. But whole grain and fiber breads instead sugars is MUCH healthier and stops the spikes and downs. Those that have the genes for diabetes especially have to be careful.


People that engage in workouts have less energy and stamina for them due to lack of carbs. Removing or reducing carbs limits the energy and workout itself. You will workout shorter time and also be more tired. No more heavy lifting. If you want to bulk, no reducing carbs.  Have the healthy kind of carbs for best energy.

The body needs carbs and grains bread to work well and be healthy. And not every carb is a good carb. Removing ALL carbs is serious and not good and can damage the energy levels, brain work and heath all over.

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