To Pluck The Nose Is Dangerous And Can Be Fatal!

The nose hairs are not dangerous but they look unappealing. Yet, they are healthy for use and have a role. So, there are 2 kinds of nose hairs:

  • Vibrissae- what is seen and can be plucked
  • Microscopic chilia- tiny small hairs for filtering air and mucus, they are not seen and go back in the nose even to the stomach!

The vibrissae look bad and annoy you, butt they keep large particles of foreign bodies back from entering the nose. Sadly, if you remove these hairs and germs with them along, more follicles might enter the nose. This leads to infections.


Experts call the area between nose, mouth a danger triangle. This means that here is the worst spot for bacteria and infections to enter the brain. There are veins in the nose and they carry blood to the brain. This is scary since germs easily can enter the brain. And problems might happen, like:

  • Meningitis – inflammation in protective membranes to the brain and spinal cord
  • Brain abscess- inflammation and swelling in the brain leading to infections

Both are rare, but possible even for those plucking the nose hairs. They can become serious and weaken the immunity. Depending on the infection, they can even cause death, like with bacterial meningitis!

Next time you want to pluck the nose hairs, just trim the visible part do not remove them from their root. You can get many good trimmers in shops and markets or grooming kits. And never get too close to the skin of hairs.  Do not shorten them almost to zero, just trim what is seen.

Source: stethnews

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