Get Rid Of Foot Pain In Minutes With These 5 Effective Feet Stretches

Many people all around the world suffer from foot pain and the most common causes are: ingrown toenails, heel spurs, overlapping toes, athlete’s foot and arthritis.

Luckily, ancient Chinese people discovered that our feet are the source of our overall health since there are certain meridian points in the feet which are linked with organs in our body. There are also many footbaths which will help us detoxify our body through our feet.

Foot pain solutions

In order to get rid of foot pain, you need to perform some foot stretches, all you have to do is to spare five minutes from your time and do it no matter where you are.

  1. The Toe Raise

It is quite easy, just stand on your feet and lift your toes upward. Make sure the both your pinky and big toe are on the same height. Repeat this stretch 5 times for each foot.

  1. Rock Out

To perform this exercise, you need to be in a standing position. After that, rock your weight to the outside of your foot while lifting your weight off the inside of the foot. Once you have done that, you should now rock toward the inside until your weight is resting on the inside of the foot. The best thing is to do both your feet at the same time and make sure to repeat ten times on each side.

  1. Toe Lifts

This exercise is performed when you are still in Toe Raise position. You need to lower your big toe while the other ones are up. If you manage to press your big toe down, you should try pressing the pinky toe down instead. Make sure to alternate and repeat five times for each toe.

  1. Toes And Fingers

To perform this stretch, sit down and place your legs in front of you with your toes pointing up at the ceiling. After that, lean forward, lace your fingers along with your toes and then gently pull back. This is quite difficult and you won’t be able to perform it if you haven’t had foot flexibility when you were a kid.

  1. Tennis Ball Roll

For this exercise, you will need a tennis ball. Place it under your feet and apply gentle pressure. Perform this to both your feet. Once you are done, tilt your foot and make sure your toes point toward your knee. In the end, you should stretch out your toes so they point directly down.

Other foot tips:

Using these tips will help you restore health, strength and balance to your legs:

  • Walk barefoot outside

The main reason why we have toes is because our feet are designed to grip uneven surface. Make sure to walk bare foot in order to get all the benefits from the earth itself.

  • Choose proper footwear

People tend to buy shoes based on their look and fashion, but in order to prevent foot pain you should buy more comfortable shoes. Make sure to choose shoes that have good arch support. Never wear flip flops since the grippy action they make your feet do is actually really bad for your feet!

  • See a foot specialist

Don’t hesitate and consult your doctor if you continue experiencing foot pain. He will probably give you orthotics which are quite expensive, but they are extremely effective and comfortable.

  • Soak in Epsom salts

A bath with an Epsom salt will help you detoxify your feet. Moreover, it will boost your magnesium intake if you lack this extremely important mineral.

As we already mentioned, the key to your overall health is the health of your feet, so remember to always take good care of them. You should pay even more attention to your feet if you are dealing with diabetes.


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