Forget About Drugs Cause There’s a Natural Cure for Diabetes! (RECIPE)

Juniper is a plant from the Cupressaceae family and due to its wide use throughout folk and alternative medicine it has gained various names like: juniper, black spruce, Cade and more…

But a lot of people don’t know that juniper juice can be successfully used to treat diabetes, thanks to a simple and easy to make homemade recipe which contains nothing else but: a lemon, half a kilogram of juniper (berries), and three liters of water.

Preparation: Take a 3 liter glass jar, wash it well and then put your juniper in it and fill it with water almost to the top. Then, just squeeze the lemon, add the lemon juice in your jar and leave it for a few days.

When the berries start falling to the bottom of the jar, you’ll juice will be ready for use. You can also sweeten it if that’s what you prefer. You can make more fresh juice just by adding new water in the jar, but only if there are still berries floating in it. At that moment when all the berries have sunk to the bottom, you should use a new fresh batch to make more juice.

You can also brew your own juniper tea to improve your overall health. Juniper tea can purify your blood, strengthen your stomach and nerves, help you sweat, cleanse your liver, as well as separate and crush stones and sand in your gall bladder, kidneys and bladder.

Source: healthyfoodsolution

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