Beat Oncoming Cold And Flu With The Wet Sock Treatment

Jamey Wallace who is ND and Clinic Medical Director at Bastyr Center for Natural Health says that even though this treatment may sound bizarre for most of us, it actually works because it activates the natural defenses of our bodies.

The other name for this hydrotherapy is “heating compress” which actually urges the body to heat the cold and wet socks. Moreover, the body stimulates the immune system because it increases our blood circulation.

Once your feet cool down, the vessels squeeze and they send all the beneficial nutrients into your organs and tissues. After a while, your feet will start warming up and as a result of that, the vessels will extend in order to release the heat. During this process, the junk present in your tissues goes into your bloodstream and your body is able to eliminate it. as a result of this process, your immune system is active and you have reduced congestion. In the morning, your socks will be dry.

Whenever you feel the first symptoms of cold, you should do this method for several days in a row.


  • A bucket
  • A pair of thin cotton socks
  • A pair of thick wool socks

How to make:

Step one: pour some ice water in a bowl and then soak your socks in it. once completely wet, remove them from the water and squeeze the excess water out of them.

Step two: in order to warm up your feet, you need to place them in a bucket of hot water. Make sure to keep them in the water for ten minutes.

Step three: when your feet are warm enough, dry them off and put on the cold wet cotton socks immediately. In the end, cover the wet socks with the dry wool socks.

Step four: once you have done everything as required, go to bed and cover your feet well, because if not, the treatment will not work.

Source: healthandwellness365

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