A Real Miracle! This Homemade Remedy Can Cure Cracked Heels, Calluses, And Varicose Veins

Have you ever had a problem with calluses, blisters, and rough skin of your feet? Now it will be only a past, because we have the best natural remedy which solves these problems in only 10 days.

This homemade recipe is made of two ingredients, but it’s very effective!

There are a lot of people with a cracked heels who do nothing to solve the problem. They think that it’s only aesthetic problem, but the cracks can become much deeper and painful.

If you have the same problem you need to take action on time, because the dirt can build up inside the feet and can cause infection.

The skin on your feet can thicken because of excess dead skin cells, so it can cause poor elasticity and improper blood circulation. You can solve the problem very simple by using a file or pumice stone. All you need to do is to exfoliate the feet after taking a shower. Make sure you don’t overdo it, because you can remove too much skin cells that can also cause an infection.

In addition we are going to show you how to prepare the recipe that will make the skin of your feet to look 20 years younger.


  • 10 tablets of aspirin (300 mg)
  • 250 ml brandy, or 70% strength of Medicinal alcohol


First you need to crush the aspirin tablets to create a powder. Then mix the powder with 250 ml Brandy. You can also use 70 % medicinal alcohol instead of Brandy.

When you will be done, you need to leave it for 1-2 days. Shake the bottle every night and dip gauze into the bottle. Before bed time you need to apply the gauze on your feet and wrap it with nylon bag. It is recommended to wear socks.

The next day you need to wash your feet, wipe them with a clean cloth, and apply moisturizing cream.

Source: naturalhealingmagazine

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