8 Signs You May Have A Blood Clot

Human’s body is really amazing since it has its own defense mechanisms that protect people from many different health conditions and injuries. For instance, whenever you get a cut and you start bleeding, your blood gets thicker and a scab forms in order to prevent you from bleeding out. In other words, this is known as blood clotting and it is a way to stop the body from bleeding. On the other hand, when a blood clot occurs without any apparent reason, it can cause serious damage to our organism and it can be even fatal. For instance, a blood clot can cause a heart attack or a stroke. This is a major reason why you should be able to recognize if they happen and immediately seek professional help.

This is how you can recognize if someone is in danger of a blood clot :

Shortness of breaths –if you experience shortness of breath or any other breathing difficulty, it can be a symptom of a blood clot present in your lungs. In the event you feel racing heart, dizziness or chest pain, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Chest pain with deep breathing – if there is a blood clot present in your lungs, you will also experience chest pain along with deep breathing, so make sure to check it with your doctor.

Feeling pain or tenderness in the legs  –one of the most common symptoms of a blood clot is the feeling of a cramp, that is a pain or tenderness.

Unexplained cough – pay close attention to your heart and breathing if you experience coughs since they can also indicate blood clots. Make sure to consult your doctor if you notice any irregularities.

Red streaks on your skin –due to the fact that blood clots can appear in a form of bruises, make sure to consult your doctor immediately if you notice red streaks along the length of your veins.

Leg swelling– deep vein thrombosis is a serious health condition because the blood flow in the circulation system is impeded. Moreover, this condition also prevents oxygen from reaching the vital organs and this can result in numerous dangerous health conditions.

Keep in mind that if not treated on time, blood clots can have fatal consequences. If you experience some of the abovementioned symptoms, you should visit your doctor immediately and prevent the development of dangerous health conditions or even death.

Source: healthylifevision

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