The 7-Minute Training That According To Science Works

For the training and the exercises to be effective we must do them with all the power and intensity possible during the minute of execution of the same ones

If there is something that, to this day, we do not have too much time. Find a type of physical training that is healthy, short and allow us to keep in shape is not exactly easy.

Now, we are sure that you too have heard of the exercise routines HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) or training at high intensity intervals.

These have involved certainly a revolution in the world of fitness.

The objectives of these exercises are very specific: improve endurance, burn more fat and get it all in short time intervals but steady throughout the week.

With these routines improve the body’s ability to oxidize both glucose and fat.

Something that at first may seem simple actually contains much constancy, will and the firm goal of gaining in health and in a good physical state.

If you dare to put them into practice every day you will see results. However, remember …  There must be constant!

Considerations Prior to 7-Minute Daily Training

Before starting our training table it is necessary to take into account some aspects:

  • If we are not used to exercise the last thing we should do it is make a physical effort excessive and inappropriate for us.
  • We are facing a routine of progressive intensity. This means that we will start the exercise chart at a pace that is harmonious to our body and our limits, without depleting or putting our physical integrity or heart health at risk.
  • At the same time, we must not forget that any high-intensity exercise should be completed with aerobic exercises.
  • It is therefore highly recommended that these 7 minutes of exercises we complete with walking or walking each day.
  • If you suffer from obesity, if you have osteoarthritis of the knee or other physical problem, it is best to avoid these exercises and consult a specialist.

To conclude, the ideal is to start slowly, at our pace and choose those exercises that we can carry out or we do better.

Let’s see now what they consist of to be able to value them.

7-minute training chart

Below, we will describe 7 exercises very easy to carry out. It is recommended to dedicate to each of them a minute of your time.

However, each exercise you should do it at a high intensity for 20 or 30 seconds .

Without forcing too much but noting that our body reacts, the muscles work and our heart is activated and reaches a suitable working pace.

1. Scissor Heel

It is fun, easy and puts into action much of your body, muscles and joints.

  • Stand on a firm ground.
  • Take a deepbreath and jump back to the ground trying with legs open and arms up in blade position.
  • Your body stays in the form of “open scissors”.
  • Now, make a small jump back to the original position (feet together, arms relaxed).

Time: 60 seconds, of which 30 must be at high intensity.

2. Back against the wall

  • Put your back against the wall.
  • Slowly lower your butt, as you keep your back close to the wall and bend your knees with strength.
  • You must form a 90 degree angle(note the picture above).
  • The idea is tokeep this position for a minute: your hips, stomach , knees and ankles will exercise good resistance.

3. Push-ups

  • The next exercise of our training is a classic: push-ups.
  • Place yourself on a firm floor face down and then, with the help of the arms, raise the torso holding this position for 5 seconds.

Repeat the exercise for one minute.

4. Push-ups

If you look strong, we will continue our training adding a little more strength and endurance.

  • Lie on your back and bend your knees.
  • Then, with arms outstretched, we try toincorporate the torso strength exercise feeling in our stomach .

The ideal is to perform this exercise for a minute, but as we have pointed out, the limit you put.

5. One step up

Let’s now with another simple but effective challenge to take care of our figure.

  • We will help you with a firm and safe stool.
  • We will put yourhands on the waist and then climb on the stool: first one foot and then another .

Go back down and repeat the same exercise for one minute.

6. Strengthening of arms

Taking advantage that we have our stool at hand, we will continue with another great exercise.

  • We will sit with the stool placed behind us.
  • Then, taking care not to injure ourselves, we will rest our hands on the stool and we will incorporate slightly for a few seconds.
  • We go back down and repeat the exercise.

7. Flexion with rotation

We will finish our training with a little more complexity.

  • It is not a simple exercise, so if we are not used to this kind of routines we go with caution.
  • We will begin this exercise by putting ourselves face down with our feet together. Meanwhile, with our hands we will firmly hold the body.
  • We will rise as if we were to make a normal, after bending to a rotation using the hip.
  • It is only twist your body to one side arm helps to balance us .

Hold this position for a few seconds and repeat on the opposite side.

Source: livescience

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