Reduce Stress, Sleep Well And Feel Youthful By Massaging This Point On Your Leg

The Chinese people have many methods for relaxation and this one will definitely help you get rid of stress, sleep better and feel more energized and younger than ever.

Ancient people discovered that everything in our organism is connected, which means that certain points on our body have healing properties. Pressing all those pressure points on our body can help with many different health conditions.

Sleep and Stress Problems Can Be Treated with This Touchpoint

in order to get rid of stress, relieve pain and to sleep better, you need to apply some pressure on a certain point on your body named the San Yin Jiao touchpoint. You can find it on the lower area of your leg, about ten centimeters above your ankle, on the inside of the leg.

Once you have located it, rub it gently until it gets warm, in order to activate it. Once activated, use 2 fingers to press the spot and massage it gently, and then continue doing it harder.

With What Else Will San Yin Jiao Help?

As we already mentioned, massaging this spot will help you with insomnia, stress and cramps, but furthermore, massaging it on a regular basis will make your skin more elastic because San Yin Jiao encourages the spleen have better efficiency.

This is because when you apply pressure to this point, your spleen starts replacing blood cells much faster, thus helping the oxygen and nutrients flow better throughout your body.

Glowing Skin

Massaging this touch-point will help you look fresh and will make your skin more elastic and shinier. Moreover, it will help you get a good night’s rest and be stress-free.

Even better, the stimulation of this pressure point will help you get pregnant if you massage it every evening for about ten minutes, because it stimulates the ovaries and uterus as well as it boosts your libido.

Additional Advice

For better effects, get someone else to help you massage this pressure point.

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