Do Not Eat This Fish, It Is Very Dangerous For Your Health!

Many people tend to eat fish since it is much healthier than processed meat. However, certain types of fish are not that healthy as you may think. One such example is the Basa fish which is sold in the form of frozen fillets all around Europe. It is very popular among people because it is not expensive and everyone can afford it. Nevertheless, you should definitely stay away from this Vietnamese fish since it is low in quality and can put your health in danger.

The main reason why the Basa fish is not healthy is because it is cultivated near the Mekong River in Vietnam, one of the most polluted rivers in the world. The sewage pools where the fish is cultivated, contain high levels of toxins and bacteria that end up in the meat. Moreover, its meat also contains heavy metals, hexachlorobenzene, chlorate, isomers, and other harmful compounds. This is the main reason why the United States banned the import of the Basa fish, as well as due to suspicion that it also contains antibiotics.

The worst part is that this type of fish is also being injected with hormones in order to make it grow faster and bigger. It has been discovered that the meat contains hormones which are supposed to accelerate the growth and reproduction of the fish, and then it is sold in partnership with big companies that have no regard for human health. Due to its low quality, this fish has a very low price which sadly attracts the supermarkets and their customers purchase it.

Stay away from this type of fish since it is low in nutrients and it doesn’t contain omega-3 oils. Even though it has a decent taste, the Basa fish is extremely toxic for your organism, so make sure to avoid it and instead try to consume wild-caught salmon.

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