WARNING: Dont Do This When You Have Period,It Might De Beadly -All Women Must Read!

When it pertains to “that time of the month”, some women are blessed with an easy period, but other’s go through a really tough time. IF YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE LADIES THAT IS DEALING WITH PAINFUL PERIODS, THERE ARE SOME THINGS YOU MUSTN’T DO.

1. Having Unprotected Sex – It is highly recommended not to have a sexual intercourse while you’re on your period. However, if you decide to do it anyway, make sure you use a protection in order to avoid infections.

2. Skipping Meals – Skipping meal at this time of the month is a bad idea. You are losing a lot of blood, so you need to eat properly to keep your energy levels up

3. Physical Work – In case you suffer from stomach or back pain, make sure you avoid any physical work. This way you will prevent further complications and more pain.

4. Eat Fast Food – You can eat more than usual, but make sure it’s not junk food. Also, eating fast food in the middle of the night might seem like a good idea, but your stomach may disagree with you.

 5. Work – For many women this is impossible. But if you can stay home for one or two days while you’re on your period, that would be a great idea.

6. Staying Up All Night – Going to bed early is very important for your health. Also, when it comes to periods, you will pass them with less problems. Moreover, your body produces a hormone called melatonin in the early part of the night. This hormone plays a vital role for numerous segments of our health. Disturbing the production of melatonin can cause serious negative consequences.


– Avoid soda water.
– Avoid drinking ice water (there is a possibility that menstrual blood may remain in the uterine wall).
– Avoid eating cucumbers (some substances that are found in the cucumber can cause some stay in the uterus walls).

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