This Simple 3 Step Technique Can Clear Your Sinuses Immediately

Nasal congestion is another term for a stuffy nose. It is often a symptom of another health problem, such as a sinus infection. Many people worldwide deal with this health issue which is quite painful, but also annoying and uncomfortable and it prevents people from sleeping and leading a normal life. There are also some more extreme cases which require surgery. Sinus infection, allergies, flu and cold are the most common reasons for sinus congestion.

However, you don’t have to worry if you experience this problem because there are some home remedies which can help you treat it in no time and in this article we will present you the most effective one.

Here’s how to clean your sinuses out immediately:

Sinus Cleaning Technique (3 steps broken down further for easier application)


In order to perform this technique, you need to sit down with your head and body to a 45-degree angle. After that, turn your head sideways and start massaging the so-called sternocleidomastoid muscle in a downward direction at least ten times.

If you don’t know where the muscle is, it is located right beneath both your ears and runs down the neck along the collar bone. In order to locate the hard bony part of the nose, use your index finger and run it halfway down the length of the nose itself. Massage this particular area for one minute using a circular motion. Once you are finished massaging this area, start massaging the muscles down the side of the nose towards your cheekbones. Once again, use your index finger in order to find the upper orbital bone. You can locate it right above each eye. Feel for a slight indentation above the center of your eyeballs. Once you find it, start massaging these 2 spots with a firm yet gentle pressure for one minute. After that, use both your hands and press firmly in the center of your forehead. Massage outwards towards your temples.

Make sure to do the steps as explained above in order to get relieve from the symptoms. If you are dealing with a more intense case of nasal congestion, you will probably have to repeat this technique several times. Enjoy!

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